I am Danish, living in Germany since 2003. I have a background in cultural management, contemporary dance and the performing arts, with which I am still actively engaged. I turned to methods of somatic training through my dancing where I, after a long and intense work period, simply felt drained physically and creatively. I found the Grinberg Method to be amazingly powerful and motivated by my experiences of gaining and maintaining positive change I decided to study it. I certified from the VC school of the Grinberg Method in Berlin, and I am joining the continuation of their newly developed method and advanced studies of the Panterei Approach.

My interest in the processes of somatic training is to support people facing personal challenges, teaching them to pay attention and to identify old influences holding them back. I strongly believe in the strength of bringing the mind and body together, and the energy unleashed when learning to let go of efforts in the way of change and recovery. I am happy to help people find more behavioral options and physical strength allowing them more freedom and presence. The body is a master of recuperating and of constant adjustment and change. The body is magical.

I look forward to working with you.