Somatic training works in an individual directed learning process in one-on-one sessions for one hour. A process begins with a talk to clarify what you would like to change, and to set an aim for your personal process. In following weekly sessions, focus is on teaching you to develop the specific qualities needed to achieve the change you wish for and to identify and stop repetitive physical or emotional habits that block your way of change. The length of the process depends on what you want to achieve and on the speed of your learning. Goals for the process could be to:

  • Modify or stop a physical or emotional condition of discomfort
  • Modify or stop a condition of periodic or chronic pain
  • Recovery from an injury or accident
  • Stop repetitive conditions of anxiety, worries, insecurity, stress, tiredness, insomnia etc.
  • Gaining confidence to meet specific challenges
  • Gaining clarity in a decision-making process
  • Communicate more naturally in interactions with other people

A process will always be tailored to your individual needs. Even if you do not have a concrete goal, but you feel a need for change, a learning process is relevant and possible. Somatic training is suitable for all ages.

I do not work with people affected by a life-threatening condition or serious illness requiring constant medical or psychiatric attention. Somatic training offers no cure, but a learning process. No diagnosis or therapy is carried out in a medical sense. The work is practical and involves a pure physical approach and is not bound to a certain ideology or lifestyle.

With questions as to whether a learning process is relevant to you, feel free to
contact me.