Somatic training is body-oriented counseling facilitating processes of personal development, recovery from a physical condition and of dealing with periodic or chronic pain. Individual directed processes focus on identifying limiting habits and automatic behavioral responses in your way of development or recovery, and empowers you to change your situation or condition, going beyond both behavior and physical routines. Through techniques of touch, breathing and attention, it teaches you to stop responding automatically, to recuperate from pain and address the situation you wish to change with freedom in your options.

We carry experiences from our past and they influence how we look at the present. Each in our own way, we learn how to be and behave in many aspects of our lives. We learn and construct from our experiences, a set of personal beliefs and perceptions defining who we are and how we respond and perceive life. Some routines support personal growth and some not. Some become automatic behavioral responses in certain situations, preventing us from being the person we aspire to be and from being free to do what we want. They root in our history and former experiences of pain (in its widest sense being mental, emotional and physical) and fears in diverse forms of anxiety, apprehension or insecurity. They form around our ideas of how to be in order to fit in, be loved, feel safe and cope in specific situations. We are shaped by our history and our efforts to avoid re-experiencing situations of distress develop into an automatic way of being, obstructing us from actually being with what is here and now. Our historical shaping becomes a fiction from which we see and define our reality today.

Whatever happens in our mind happens in our body. Over time our automatic behavioral responses manifest in our body, generate dissatisfaction and stress. On a physical level, the consequences are often chronic pain or periodic complaints such as tiredness, tension, fixations or weakness. Somatic training facilitates the possibility and power to change and go beyond our learned routines, consequently enabling space for new ways of being. In its broadest sense, it teaches you the possibility to be well by connecting and gaining access to your strengths and abilities. It teaches you to be attentive to both your body and mind, to affect your state of being living and facing the many-sided challenges of the life you want to live.

Your future is innocent and deserves your happiest picture.